Thursday, May 20, 2010

Siobhan Magnus, the Idolatry Interview (part 6)

American Idol Season 9's Siobhan Magnus sits down with Michael Slezak for the Idolatry interview: The Glassblower part 6 - The Crazy Girl with the Tutu.

*Please see ARCHIVE if you missed parts 1-5!!

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  1. This girl does not deserve a recored contract she need a Psychiatrist.

  2. I guess You just don't like different. Cookie cutter person u obviously are. Would so rather have people in the world like Siobhan than you. If they don't fit your mold they are out. Get a grip. Hope u don't teach your children to think and judge the way you do. Although, I'm sure u do. Very Sad.

  3. @ that 1st anonymous shows how ignorant and uneducated you are, i bet you didnt finish any valid credentials or any degree or any kind of education at all to even recognize who needs a psychiatrist or record deal.
    you should see a psychiatrist yourself, maybe you might feel a bit of happiness once you take the appropriate meds for you.
    Siobhan was right, there are ppl who'd say bad things just to get a reaction or maybe they're bored...YOU ARE DEFINITELY ONE OF THEM..why? cuz you cant even keep the ugliest person you know to love you??? NO ONE WILL LOVE YOU, TILL YOU CHANGE YOUR PATHETIC LIFE..enjoy your meds.