Wednesday, May 12, 2010

'Idolatry': Siobhan Magnus talks rainbows, ponies, evil clowns, and her American Idol run

'Idolatry': Siobhan Magnus talks rainbows, ponies, evil clowns, and her 'American Idol' run
by Michael Slezak

Left to her own devices, Siobhan Magnus says her American Idol tenure might’ve looked very different from what you saw on TV — and probably ended a heckuva lot earlier. The Glassblower sat down with me at Amalia Restaurant in New York City earlier this week to talk about which contro-versee-ahhl songs she almost chose in the semifinals (instead of “Wicked Game” and “Think”), how her rendition of “Paint It Black” was influenced by scary clowns, and why she hopes someday to make an album that’s “little-girl friendly.” We also dished combat boots, British boy band 5ive, dial-up AOL, and her Hollywood Week “drama” with Todrick Hall and @theriroxursox. Plus, Idolatry executive producer Jason Averett gives us some insight into Siobhan’s “origin story.”

In case you missed Parts 1-3...

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Stay tuned for parts 4-8!!

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