Monday, April 26, 2010

Adam Lambert “American Idol” Judge? Lambert Courted To Replace Simon Cowell On “Idol”

"In news that we’ll have to see to believe, American Idol Season 8 runner-up Adam Lambert is the latest contender joining the race to replace Simon Cowell on the judges’ panel of television’s most-watched talent show.

After wowing Idol producers with his quick wit and biting critiques as a mentor on last week’s Elvis-themed special, we hear the controversial glam rocker is being eyed as a possible replacement for the man the media dubbed Mr. Nasty. In fact, show bosses believe the “For Your Entertainment” hitmaker has just the right mix of moxie to be a dynamic asset to the series.

A loose-lipped A.I. insider divulges to nosy National Enquirer Gossip Guy Mike Walker (Consider The Source!): “Producers were totally bowled over by Adam’s on-target critiques and pithy comments. They believe he’ll bring a fearless, youthful freshness to the show. And let’s not forget, Glambert’s got real stage presence.”

Before any Glambert Fans start jumping with glee, we should mention that the outspoken star has stiff competition from other seasoned entertainers also rumored to be up for Simon’s job: they include: Oscar-winner Jamie Foxx, singer Shania Twain, Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins, an acclaimed producer, and music mogul Tommy Mottola.

Simon will wrap up his nine season run on Idol next month to devote his time to developing an American adaptation of his UK small screen smash The X Factor."

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(Has anyone else noticed that these two look so similar they could be father and son? Just look at the shape of the face, the nose, the hairline. Hmm...)

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SOURCE: Pop Crunch


  1. If Tommy Mottola is available, he may be the best choice as a judge for American Idol. For Adam, being a judge may be affecting his image as an idol or a performer.

  2. If Shania Twain becomes an AI judge I'll stop watching the show. Period. The end.

  3. Okay, so I'm really ticked now! I was extremely upset to discover Simon's leaving, but to possibly be replaced by ADAM LAMBERT? I'll stop watching the show if that happens! I already can't stand Ellen, but I tolerate it because there's more to the show than just her. But if Adam joins the crew, it'll only confirm the fact that they're trying to force their pro-gay/lesbianism agenda on those of us (like myself) that strongly oppose it. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, and whether that individual is right or wrong, the media should stop rubbing it in our faces.

    Personally, I love Simon. He and Kara are what make the show! To replace him, they should choose someone that's non-controversial, and that is just as witty as Simon.

  4. It's sad that there are small minded bigots out there like Anonymous 11:47am 4/26/10. Who cares if you strongly oppose gays and lesbians? You hate Ellen and Adam solely because they're gay? Please, get a life. I'm hetero, but it doesn't matter - I support equality and I couldn't care less if anyone is gay or straight. We're all humans. It's intolerant people like you that are WRONG, not the other way around. Casting a homosexual judge is not controversial, as you suggest. Something is not controversial just because YOU'RE uncomfortable with it.

    The sheer fact that gays exist (and always have since the beginning of time) and they have jobs in TV and the media (like so many more heterosexuals who work in the same industry) is NOT rubbing it in your face. You aren't that important, no one is out to get you or rub anything in your face. Yet, you continue to insist that the world revolve around you and YOUR personal (religious) views. YOU are not the norm. YOU are the people preventing progression and equality in America.

    Here's a thought, you need to get with the program and realize that what's right for you is ONLY that: right for YOU and you alone. Show some humility and practice tolerance. Why let other people's personal decisions that only affect their lives affect you? (Oh yeah, and forget the argument that their decisions affect you. They don't.)

    You can't stand Ellen and Adam solely because they're gay? Get over it! You're entitled to your opinion, it's just a shame that it happens to be so narrow-minded and hateful.