Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Up close with American Idol's Siobhan Magnus

American Idol's Siobhan Magnus

Local Idol finalist shares future plans

The top three American Idol finalists are ready to face off on a national stage. And back at home, there's a local Idol contestant who is also getting ready for the big finale.

Southern New England's own Siobhan Magnus joined The Rhode Show to talk about her experiences on Idol, what it's like now that she's preparing for the summer tour, and what her future plans are.

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  1. She's makes me smile!

  2. Siobhan, you should of been the winner this year you make the other three lok like amatures.(billy vc ) from abilene tx

  3. i do hope she wouldn't change however people might find her as totally different. she was loved by people because she showed who she really is during the show. and she was never afraid to justify herself on judges who were so hard on her. keep it up siobhan.

  4. I love her.. she is brilliant.. I wished she could have won...

  5. I love you your the best singer on idol.BVC